It's David vs Goliath.

The YES campaign is funded by unions, big corporations, insiders and special interests. They are going to try and buy this tax hike.

We can't let them. They are going to outspend us by 50 to 1 unless we have your support.

The NO Tran$Link Tax is funded by donations for everyday Lower Mainland residents who don't want to pay more taxes, and small businesses who will be hurt by a sales tax.

Your contribution can make a difference:

  • $25.80 is about one tenth of what every household will pay in increased PST per year.
  • $55 will pay for 275 brochures to be printed and mailed to voters.
  • $110 will pay for a radio ad to get our message out
  • $258 is about what households will pay in increased PST - why not donate it once so you don't have to pay it year after year?
  • $545 will pay for a TV ad to air once on selected channels.

Donations of over $200 will be subject to disclosure.