Crowdfund a Sky Banner

We are going to have an airplane fly a NO TransLink Tax message over the Lower Mainland on Sunday, May 3rd. That's the day of the Vancouver Marathon and there will be thousands of people out on the streets, in parks and enjoying the nice weather.

This wasn't in our original budget - so we are crowdfunding for it. 

We want to book the plane for three hours - including GST the bill comes to $1,417.50. 

Please chip in to get our message flying in the sky all over our region. The YES side is spending at least $7 million taxpayers dollars to try to buy your vote - and we have a small budget funded entirely by voluntary donations from everyday people. We can't afford pricey TV ads during Canucks games, so we need to use innovative ways to get our message out - like flying a banner in the sky!

UPDATE: We've nearly hit our goal for 3 hours of plane time, so we are introducing a stretch goal of keeping the plane flying with our message for FOUR hours. The cost is $1890.00. Thanks for your help - let's hit this goal!

$2,010.00 raised
Goal: $1,890.00
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